France elects. Weloban first round and deducted the shifty re coming in two weeks.


French Interior Ministry figures showed Monday, centrist candidate Emmanuel shifty and far-right candidate Le Pen marine dominate the first round of the presidential election after counting to ytahla to the second round, which takes place after about two weeks.
The Ministry said in a statement: the shifty got 23.75% of the vote, while Le Pen got to 21.53%.
The same statement also said that conservative candidate François Fillon got 19.91%, while the left-wing candidate Jean-Luc melenchon on 19.64%.
After he qualified for the runoff of the French presidential election, demanded all “patriots” shifty rally behind him against the threat of as “nationalists”.
According to the sky; the young candidate managed to climb steadily in the ranks of the French establishment when he decided to use his skills as a seasoned banker in the world of investing and making deals, in politics.
And if he wins, shifty, 39-year-old, who was not widely known by less than three years, will become the youngest President of France for decades.