Fox News quoted Pentagon: close alliance between Iran and North Korea in missile area


For as long as the military and political circles talked about coordination between Iran and North Korea in missile programmes and it is remarkable in recent times, which has not escaped the eyes of the Pentagon.

It was the nuclear non-proliferation experts have suspected Iran and North Korea Exchange of experiences of developing rocket technology.

Pentagon officials revealed that Iran cruise missile launch attempt of submarine midghit earlier this week, another proof of the existence of a North Korean influence in the Islamic Republic.

The Pentagon said it had new evidence on the existence of such a power in addition to the cooperation of the two countries concerning missile programs.

Intelligence reports that the submarine midghit based on designs of Pyongyang, noting that Iran failed to launch a missile Jasc 2 cruise trying to launch rockets from under water for the first time and is the same quality rockets used by North Korea for sinking a South Korean warship in 2010.

The Pentagon confirmed that North Korea are designed rocket that experienced Iran in late January this year.

Last summer, Iran fired a similar missile rocket Korean mosodan which is one of the most advanced missile in North Korea’s military arsenal.

Military analysts said the Iranian Shahab Taepodong missile with Rees and experts reached the conclusion that Iranian missiles in its early stages it was a copy of North Korean missiles while observed Jeffrey Lewis, an expert on missile proliferation in midbori Institute of international studies that Iranian officials, Koreans took pictures of joint Memorial many times in reference to indifference to criticism on this cooperation.

Lewis revealed that the exchange of experiences between North Korea and Iran in recent years has proceeded in the opposite direction as many observers have noted that things were shown initially in North Korea and then appear in Iran but finally observed that things began to emerge in Iran and then in North Korea, raising questions about the stronger party in the Exchange.

And thought to try Iran launching cruise missiles from a submarine in the Strait of Hormuz is one of the first times where Tehran such achievement. In 2015, North Korea successfully launched a rocket from a submarine for the first time, officials believe that Tehran was present in the scenes.