Four people were killed in a bomb blast in Northwest Pakistan.


Four people including a soldier were killed and two paramilitary forces, a bomb hidden in a plastic bag in a tribal area in Northwest Pakistan, officials said Saturday.

And the accident in Khyber (near the border with Afghanistan), where security agents suspected in a plastic bag left near a security checkpoint. A local official named: “while security agents looking for plastic bag, hidden bomb exploded, killing a soldier and two paramilitary troops and civilians.”

Security officials confirmed the attack which no one has claimed responsibility so far.

And one of the seven districts of Khyber in Pakistan’s semi-autonomous and Pakistani troops engaged in fighting Taleban rebels and militants associated with al-Qa’ida, for more than a decade.

Levels of violence have fallen in Pakistan during the last years several military operations by the army against the rebels, but some armed groups continue to launch attacks, especially in the Northwest.

Source: AP

Untung Yusuf