Footpaths flying proportion engaged sport Mecca


Holy Makkah municipality implemented many lanes to go jogging and equipped with the latest sports equipment, according to the latest engineering and aesthetic models that reflect the evolving image of Mecca.

Ameen explained Dr Osama Albar, he’s been creating all passages to become model for sporty track which helps the persistent practice of sport in a healthy atmosphere away from obstacles and monotony, noting that these facilities aim to improve lifestyles and raise the level of health and fitness and combat obesity, and contribute to building a society characterised by a healthy lifestyle and a positive interactive social surroundings provide an attractive dynamic environment provides a high level of quality of life.

The Secretariat has established routes and hiking trails after field studies for selecting and locating such projects, processed and prepared in a contemporary style, yet isolated from roads and provide adequate lighting and seating and decorate the hallways with trees and flowers, to be suitable and equipped at all times with various sports and various children’s games in addition to chairs and poles with a unique aesthetic forms, which had a good impact and was acclaimed by citizens and residents of the various districts and population charts.

The total number of footpaths in Mecca (13) a crosswalk at different locations in North and South, East and West of Mecca and a total area of more than 60 thousand square meters and costs total length about 15 km.

The Secretariat also implemented by infantry hairy Arafat and which is designed according to the latest technical and aesthetic forms of models is an outlet for people besides being a major route linking Muzdalifah and Arafat hairy hairy down to me and then to Mecca during the Hajj, Allah willing, will when completed the longer corridor for pedestrians.

Having recently completed several works and services which contributed significantly in the development or villages and maximize comfort and convenience to citizens, residents and visitors to this Holy City.

The sport has enjoyed a high share in the Vision 2030 Kingdom stressing the need to raise the rate of exercise for up to 40% and points to the need for awareness of Saudi society the importance of sport and linked to health by providing an appropriate environment and connect the concept of sport for all, and to be firm behaviour among citizens, where he was one of the most important goals of increasing the rate of vision and sport practitioners and provide opportunities to practice sports and more sports facilities to provide an opportunity for everyone to practice their favorite sport in an ideal environment , That health and balanced style is one of the most important elements of quality of life.