Flag: Saudi community development property commands and fortify him security and prosperity


The Governor said Ahmed bin Saeed Al-dawasir Science: “the commands from this command constructs home which all contribute to the development of Saudi society and fortified with security and safety, providing decent living and prosperity courses for all citizens and residents on its territory, enjoyed by this country since its founding.

It came to mark the release of precious property commands that included two months salary exchange for employees of the Pack and storm operations restore hope, restore all allowances and bonuses and perks for State officials, civilians and military personnel, and finish tests before Ramadan. Drawer in his name and on behalf of dawasir County thank Allah saved it otherwise.

He explained that those decisions made parallel property approach that one drive this home for herself, and by the good that insisted on going and its people towards happiness, aired hope based on work, effort and join forces and continue to follow the path of goodness.

And pointed to the growth and progress of national transformation software-looking vision 2030, and monitored by the data present in a systematic and insightful, produced the result and outcome, was handpicked last period.

Park as Governor Mohamed Al-dawasir Prince Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz Gallic property trust by the custodian appointed Deputy Governor of Riyadh, calling sire-Almighty-that means to carry the Secretariat, and to help him to serve religion and the homeland, and to protect our nation’s security and stability, and provide leadership and help bring it to achieve what you desire.