The first meeting of the employees of the postal service company


Postal services company held Saudi Postal Corporation’s first annual meeting 2017.

During the meeting, Dr Mohamed Bin touched the sweetest President of Saudi Post Corporation Chairman of the Board of managers of the company, to the current challenges in the postal market in the UK.

Dr. postal services company by nicer important responsibilities in the period ahead, barreling towards the national transformation programme 2020, stressing the need to accommodate the big shifts in developments post.

The engineer said Sami ouedi ceo of postal services, the meeting is aimed at the definition and objectives of the company and its current and future plans, and working mechanism that will apply.

He said the meeting also discussed ouedi job service centers, and postal distribution, official mail, work incentives in the company.

The company updated its Tuesday introduced a number of topics relating to the functioning of the company in the future.

It is said that a postal services company Saudi Postal Corporation initiatives towards transformation to work with business fundamentals.