Figs are rich in vitamins and preferably eaten with breakfast

Fig Fruit nttatber. Arab fruit rich in carbohydrates, which is 73%, and the percentage of proteins 3%. Fatty substances is 2%, and has a disinfectant and gelatinous material and salts of calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin a, b, and c, according to the Saudi newspaper. preferably eat figs in Ramadan because of its many benefits as food and medicine, the researchers proved that the teen has a substance in the blood clot and stop bleeding, as it contains a high percentage of vitamin “k”, the Fig is pharmacies alone is gzWater rich in sugars and salts and vitamins and gives teen athletes as a tonic, and is at the same time rich in digestive enzymes, rich with gels and is very useful in cases of chronic constipation and chronic constipation treatment dry figs fruits are soaked in water, and can be eaten in the morning on an empty stomach, can be soaked in a glass of milk in the fridge, and drink the mixture on the saliva to lubricate the intestines. Ramadan could have soaked dry figs soaked in milk with raisins and nuts and dates, so it is considered a high-value food to feed children and young people and the elderly And women athletes, and can be eaten at breakfast, so very helpful in cases of general weakness in cases of chest. it is worth mentioning that fig leaves be useful in treating coughs and menstrual disorder, menopause generation used as a gargle some mouthwash, gingivitis and mouth.