After fierce battles. The Yemeni army invade the Khalid Ibn Al-Walid camp West said


The Yemeni army troops, Khalid Ibn Al-Walid camp in Taiz province West distributor area of West side; the impact of fierce fighting with the militias of the putschists.

A Yemeni military source confirmed today, camp Pat exposed from the West, and in the line of fire after army forces and securing control of the althobani region, pointing to a fall of 10 dead militia elements in confrontations with the army during its March toward the camp from the region.
He said, in a statement moved September 26 website of the Yemeni armed forces, the army has control of the militia site near the camp, useful to site missile battalion was stationed at Camp’s Khaled.
Source drew attention to the control of the site is an important input to storm the camp.