Fersan education looking preparations next school year


Acting Education Director Ahmad terrace haythami second meeting of the Committee preparing for the school year 1439/1438 and to identify requirements for school readiness in the coming period.

The meeting began the Education Department Secretary Abdou alalwani Hi all members reviewing cabinet meeting, allowed Ahmed Al-haythami who began by congratulating all the decent citizens of this country after the new national resolutions asking Allah almighty to benefit the country and the people, and commended to thank Committee members prepare for their efforts during the last period to ensure first Avenue, Holy directive containing provide tests, which makes extensive and urgent efforts by all members, and included the delayed return of students which provides the opportunity to complete Prepare for equipment and hygiene courses, wishing continuous and constructive communication during long leave period to ensure the continued maintenance and rehabilitation, or may arise from the denominator.

Then browse the Committee Coordinator of Hussein the previous meeting age what has been done and the results reviewed the report prepared for this year and made recommendations for confine actual requirement for field and actually study in detail and its impact on preparing for next year and work to find appropriate solutions by periodical to prepare according to the forms designed for that and communicate with the relevant authorities in the Ministry to actual needs and timetable of the special motion b (school leaders – guides – and teachers), and closer correspondence to all the work of the Committee prepare and save files .

Then in all members and members of the meeting emerged a set of recommendations for implementation and a walk, then acting Director of education thanked all present for their attendance and their interaction.