The fenced resident died of his wounds. And people are standing with Bjoern «security»

Number of dead in the attack by security are wanted while embarking on the implementation and development of the walled district in the town of Bjoern to three people, after the death of a resident of Indian nationality was a critical hit, adding to a child, and a resident of Pakistani nationality were declared dead as a result of internal exposure to the shots he wanted fire, wounding nine people, including six civilians, including women and children, and three residents, two of them of Pakistani nationality, and the third Sudanese, four security men. East zone Secretariat continues to complete the first phase of development of the walled district in the town of Qatif Prefecture, Bjoern amid security, after the machinery and equipment of fire zone Secretariat contractor by terrorists took refuge from the neighborhood, someone killed during opposition to development work, so when you start to work.
On the other hand, many people praised the Government’s efforts by Bjoern on fenced neighborhood development project in his country, saying in a statement by Bjoern them: «we are the people our town thanks to Bjoern lead us to move people and families from their homes to safe areas, we also thank our leadership for its efforts to protect people during the crackdown, and provide safe ways to account for our sons and daughters and female students, as well as employees. The statement added: “We hope things end well for the benefit of our precious, thanks to eastern Prince Saud bin Naif bin Abdulaziz on his efforts and attention and care for the interests of citizens and in other regions of Bjoern Eastern region, and thank Governor Khalid Bin Abdulaziz Al-Qatif çáõýíçä for his efforts and follow it, and overcome all obstacles to citizens ‘ interests.