Favor threatens b «expose» uran and prepare a plan to restore the Sana’a

Former Yemeni President Saleh gave the green light to a mechanism for media «baring the houthi militia leader Abdul Malik Al-houthi and debunked before Yemeni citizen», according to Saudi News Agency «» (SPA) for «sources» in Sana’a today (Tuesday).
Reported «Spa» this move by Saleh comes after reports that talked about faith Abdul Malik houthi pounce on him and killed him and his command of the houthi media processing and reporting dimensions of the charge of the militia at the fate that awaited.
Saleh said during a meeting last Friday by several members of «GPC», threatened to sell the huthi if not yielding to demands calling houthis extremists.
Saleh gave the green light to a channel of tv today» Yemen «him to attack huthi’s group and anti-milishiah and affected host and debunked before Yemeni statement and its relationship with Iran, and they sold to Yemen «cheap» and confirm that houthi militia «just a group of thieves seeking rewards and ministries and funds», a clear sign that he is ready to fight if you make a deal with him to stop the war.
In response to insults by huthi and his militias to follow «GPC» said: «no one twists my arm, twisted arms is unacceptable, inappropriate consequences», demanding the need to communicate with the rules and leadership «GPC» to unite, which shows that the upward steps provider Conference during the coming period, including the recall of huthi and hold the reins of power in the any time he wants, according to observers for Yemen.
This is the first move in favor of their escalations after huthi militia against him and following the Conference, confirming that the benefit currently considering a plan that would restore control of Sana’a grip Uran.
Information sources on the inside left corner indicated that «GPC» prepared a plan to confront the houthi group begins with «media» devilry downloaded all Yemen’s problems, “Yemen Tehran’s sold cheaper prices» and ending with the face of a military or her training group.
The large numbers of people’s Congress party filed complaints for about marginalization and humiliation and recrimination against elements of the party, and refuse any decision of Cabinet officers to the Conference by the houthis, making a number of retired party members in their homes for fear of reprisals by the houthis in silence.
The sources said that the deputies of the party demanded the benefit of reviewing all agreements with undeclared houthi group in preparation for the disengagement.
The houthi group students repeated the favor a solution called «the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, which refused to withdraw its directors in governmental institutions, confirmed that the party would take crucial decisions if houthi command tag.