Family leaders join strike in Israeli jails


Domestic Committee for national and Islamic forces had joined more than 50 prisoners in Israeli prisons hunger strike Thursday, led by a number of leaders from various Palestinian factions and political powers called – during a press conference held simultaneously in Gaza City and RAM Allah-the Palestinian masses to keep all forms of support to the continuing hunger strike since 17 April/April. the Committee also called for Arabic and Islamic nation and Palestinian communities in all areas of the diaspora and all free world to a broader network backup and support The Canaries are heroes and their just cause. “the most prominent captives who will join Secretary General strike Saadat, Dean of Palestinian prisoners Nael Barghouti and Abbas Vice Superintendent of prisoners of the Islamic resistance movement (Hamas) and President of the senior leadership body CECE Zedd to capture me and journalist Jihad Mohamed clucking and other leaders and thousands of body Chief Issa qaraqe ‘-during a press conference held in the cityE RAM Allah-that the Palestinian prisoners ‘ strike split ends is a step in the path of national unity, especially after joining the Palestinian leaderships inside prison for strike. “in his turn, said former prisoners as captive movement leaders Declaration Unni fighting strike” message to Israeli occupation to strikers stands behind every single Palestinian factions and will not allow their monopoly. “in the Kingdom of Jordan, trade union activists, politicians and party emissary with professional associations building in d.c. in addition to Oman, lifted placards handstand family freedom called Israeli jails, and pressure on the Israeli Government in international forums, and condemned the attitude of Arabic Governments abandon domestic victories. source: Anatolia, island