Faisal Ibn meshel: Qassim University play a central role in community development


His Royal Highness Prince called Dr Faisal Ibn meshel Ibn Saud Amir Qassim, Qassim University to continue to develop awareness campaigns, praising the University in an initiative campaign to “inform and educate”, which held more than 200 program benefiting around six thousand people, saying it was a matter of pride, and give a clear indication of the interest of the whole community responsibility and central role in community development, stressing the importance of building human by human, architecture is who will complete the structure.

Qassim Prince pointed out that in civilized societies before the penalty, the seriousness of its community outreach, and that this awareness campaign against drugs, and radical ideology and terror, to fortify our students are duties that we should take them out before they think, and we have to sensitize society before applying the penalty, because many may not understand what acting, His Highness said: I look forward to continue such campaigns of the University throughout the region, this is the primary role of the University, so that its role is not limited to lectures Inside the halls or tenkvi on campus, you must exercise its role in community outreach through these awareness programs aimed at, in advance thanks to the patron of the campaign, urging the private sector to support and contribute to the establishment of such campaigns to government agencies turn to the community and the home, as these campaigns from paradigm shift in consciousness and culture, especially youth, praising what he saw to offer education on drug damage in the village of maze, for recording and publication of schools and colleges To achieve its objective and campaign.

It came after witnessing his Highness Amir Qassim Wednesday evening ceremony honoring participants in “inform and educate” Qassim University in the center of the abanat province of nabhaniyah, which I found great attraction of the Centre and the adjacent centres and health programmes informed or intellectual or educational or skill provided by the campaign, and began the ceremony on this occasion prepared rhetorical Royal salute, and then reciting verses from the Quran, then the Executive Director of the campaign, Dr Ahmed Al-Turki, the word among them that campaign launched early This week, include a number of health clinics and awareness programs and educational and recreational and sports programmes, which received over 4308 cases of beneficiaries during its early days, and gave them necessary medical services and referred a number of cases which require conversion for minute examinations need surgical interventions to specialized hospitals, noting that aegis Qassim, Prince Takeda embodiment of unlimited support to Community programmes and Qassim University as they direct message for his interest in abanat Center and inspecting his needs and sustenance to all this Centre develops and promotes .

Then see Prince region and attend a Visual presentation on the Community College initiative, then Rector of Qassim University Dr Abdulrahman çáïçæï welcomed the incipient Pamir Qassim, valuing its support for all University activities, assuring continued such awareness campaign each year, and that it comes under the University’s concerns awareness programs aimed at various segments of society.

After that the generosity of Faisal bin Bandar participants and collaborators in this campaign, the ceremony was attended by Undersecretary Qassim Abdul Aziz Al Humaidan, Assistant Development Affairs Emirate agent Dr Rahman Ghazal, Governor nabhaniyah Tarek Yahya, acting police Chief General Ahmad Qassim aladibi, President abanat Hussein Al-Otaibi, a number of officials.