Faisal bin Bandar: alfaisal University going steady


Noh HRH Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Riyadh, Al-Faisal University’s great achievements in a short period.

Steph said: “I found her niche and University premises and firm steps to achieve difficult equations on others, short life and accomplished much in charge of them them thanks.”

This came in press statements made by Wednesday evening after his care graduation ceremony 6 Faisal University students held at UNU headquarters Mather district in Riyadh.

He drew that alfaisal University has high standards and international specialties and said: “you should appreciate this role play and continue her career in his shadow, me personally, a tribute to the University and to his Excellency Director and their Highnesses the members of the Board of Trustees, headed by Prince Khalid Al-Faisal Chairman to Prince Bandar bin Saud bin Khalid, who plays an important role for this University, and congratulations to all the students, and the University will have large prints.

And his Highness Prince Faisal bin Bandar on private and State universities play and everyone is on a level is drawn and is satisfied, and wish them well.

And start the party marched out of 408 students and alumni requesting them 65 received a master’s degree in management science and general studies, with a total of 153 students medical graduates, and graduates of the Faculty of science and engineering students 13 72 students while graduated from business school students in 104.

So the President alfaisal University Dr Mohamed Bin Ali al haiza President that the core challenge to the University is not providing scientific material as automatic abstract but lies in the quality of education and quality standards, noting the University ranking fourth nationally and eighth on the Arab level and the Faculty of Medicine of the three best short haul colleges despite Saudi University.

The number of “El haiza President” accomplishments of King Faisal University students and qualified students faculty of engineering innovation award finals challenge 22 flaws environmentally friendly stadiums seats of Palm fibres, and the participation of students in the College of engineering in three global competitors cars from their solar powered, and students in the faculties of business administration, science and medicine, their achievements and the quality of research participated in international conferences, and Faisal University Alumni from doctors who have senior ranks first in American Board exams results.

Then addressed the graduates expressing their happiness on this day which is the fruit of years of effort continued to apply knowledge and skills to take responsibility to serve their religion and mlikhm and their homeland.

Everyone watched a documentary about college and graduate students commemorative photoshoot with his Highness patron.