Factions: arrest assassin Jurists proves durable Gaza security system

Palestinians militants from various armed factions, including Hamas, attend a news conference in Gaza City June 17, 2014. The news conference was held to protest against Israeli arrest of Palestinians in the West Bank as well as to show support for people in the West Bank and Hebron. Photo by Ashraf Amra

Each home-rebounds: as “Arabs live” several factions were unanimous that captive killer arrested editor Mazen scholars and investigate the crime as proof solidity of physical security in the Gaza Strip.

Islamic Jihad said that the assassination details slip vkaa and underlines that port security detention in Gaza protecting the home front resistance emerged in the sector.

In turn, the Freemen movement stressed the Palestinian announcement of arrest directly responsible for executing the assassination proves the safety of physical security and force of her faith.

The movement of the Mujahideen, indicated that the arrest of the killer is an achievement for the resistance and blow for anyone who wants to mess with the security of our community and the home front to the Gaza Strip.

He said Hamas leader Ismail rdon commenting on killer’s arrest: “the occupation that resistance will head fumbles its response to the assassination of Jurists and’ll never forgive and she will keep her word.

The father, who was assassinated by jurists muffler by unknown assailants in Gaza City more than a month ago said: “we received the news that our son’s killer detection with pride and pride.”