Facebook Messenger Lite “service” in 132 countries around the world.


Social network “Facebook” providing a new service to approximately 132 additional State around the world, including three Arab States.

ITV’s expanded work months applied “Messenger Lite” to include a larger number of countries in the developing world.

The application works and Facebook launched last year to provide services to communicate even with weak or non-existent Internet services.

The network launched the service in only five States, but currently announced expanded service to include 132 countries around the world.

The official said about applying “Facebook Messenger, David Marcus, this application is also designed to work on old phones, which have limited processor memory.

And like “Facebook” of the move to expand the use of chat and instant messaging application for more than 1.2 billion users.

The list of States covered by the new application 3 Arab States, namely: “Morocco, Algeria, and Sudan.”

In addition to other countries like Nigeria, North Korea, Iran, Colombia, Viet Nam, Taiwan, the Philippines, New Zealand, Indonesia, Mexico, Ireland, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Brazil, Bangladesh, Cuba, India, the Philippines and the United States.