Experts: terrorism of individuals motivated to embrace extremist ideologies


Although many citizens in Western countries, especially in the countries of Europe are trying to link terrorism attributed to what is called “single” wolves and organize “ISIS”, on the other hand, all specialists in terrorism-whatever the fields in which they work-they collect that described as such are not exclusive to this organization or that organizations that use violence as a means of means of expressing their ideas, ideologies and goals that aim.

In this regard mention O’Reilly Campana Professor and researcher specializing in the topics of armed conflict and terrorism at Laval University Canadian phenomenon found in various forms in various ideological currents that imposed itself in the world, especially in Europe, Asia and the Americas in different periods.

In modern history, for example individual wolves appeared “on the sidelines of the ideological and political currents belonging to the left or right, and were very ttmoka at the edge of the far left or the far right, Russia individual wolves have grown since the end of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century and continued after the splits within the Communist movement which paid dearly dissidents of their lives and the lives of their families and their associates, of whom survived punishment entered in secret work and became moves in one form or another against opponents through Committing or inciting violence without doubts, for adoption evasive and covering up for the closest to him.

United States notes in the Campagna O’Reilly 1970s phenomenon “individual wolves” on the fringes of the movements of some racist movements that invest in theses for persecution of Blacks by whites and download that White House duty imposed on an individual.

What political and ideological currents measured applies doctrines and religious currents for purposes unrelated to the essence of religions.

The dilemma of “individual wolves”

Ramon is a professor and researcher at the University of sbaieg “Australian” Latrobe in Melbourne of the few researchers who sought to develop a single definition of “Wolves” from depth analyses included hundreds of cases that have occurred in recent decades, the researcher has attempted to identify the characteristics of the phenomenon by examining the 88 cases of terrorism from various regions of the world during the period 1968-2010, came out after this study defines this phenomenon saying that “who described on this Lines are moving individually and do not belong to any terrorist group or organization and that each of them is in itself a mechanism which moves way and chooses his tools without receiving orders from anyone without succumbing to an official, “says Ramon sabaieg adds some specific individual wolves specifications” that who fit this description have “political or ideological or religious convictions are strong, and they’re planning their (terrorist) accurately and can successfully hide their operations from the people closest to them.

Despite the efforts of a number of researchers whom Ramon sabayage to develop a methodology which is almost uniform deal to study the phenomenon of individual wolves or dealt with administrative and political and security levels, security and European researchers and politicians still often different about efforts to classify such holders into categories, for example, begins with “Wolf solo and isolated from everything” about his convictions and what he wants to do acts of terrorism to serve these convictions, “Wolf solo” adapted to the circumstances and developments And end this crisis “State-like” day and night, but a number of researchers and analysts specializing in terrorism that its extremist movements that seek to employ religion to try to limit their arrived objectives the term “individual” wolves refused, for example, Keppel generation researcher says that “theory was fabricated foolery is solo Wolf version of academics and journalists who are pursuing their work academics”, adds the same topic says Keppel “these and those don’t do their job seriously or they don’t Know the underlying texts regulating ISIS and they have no knowledge of the fact. “

Jill acknowledges there are people Keppel, are able to move alone to carry out terrorist acts or with the help of a few people but attention to track who reveals their identities between such persons always leads one way or another to link connected to this network.

In France for example, the intelligence and security services have made Mohamed MRAH, who was killed in his apartment by security after the killing of French soldiers and civilians in the Jewish school children in March 2012, these devices provided the perpetrator of this terrorist attack that was “solo Wolf”, but it turned out through investigations carried out on file that insist on using such by intelligence and some right-wing political figures was intended to cover. To shorten the political and security authorities monitor Mohamed stages before the terrorist attacks.

Many gaps

The fact that the tools approach which the European authorities for neutralizing or semi-isolated isolated persons engaged in projects of a terrorist nature in its territory for the Commission is still very weak, authorities in these countries more vulnerable to similar attacks committed by people who were born and raised and nationality, is also aware that whenever it is cracking down on the Organization of “ISIS” in strongholds, propaganda calling everyone who can “brainwashed” via atero