The execution of three leading Mazen foqha murder Hamas sentences


Amid intense security reinforcements at absent from her families.
A military court in the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas, yesterday sentenced three
Murder in the former prisoners, jurists Mazen movement in Israeli prisons, which raised his murder.
Shock in the sector. The three were convicted who announced their arrest two weeks ago on charges of dealing with Israel,
While convicted Ashraf Abu Leila, as «direct killer» lfkaa.
Unknown was opened, in March (March) last, four bullets at Jurists, near his house in Gaza City
Led to his murder. And al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, in a timely manner: «retaliation».
The French press as saying military justice Chief Brigadier Nasser Sulaiman, was quoted in the press conference.
Today in Gaza: military field court issued three death sentences on the three murder convicts.
Mazin leadership scholars.
And was sentenced to death by hanging on Ashraf Abu Leila (38 years), Hisham (44 years), and the firing squad
Shot, Abd Allah n (38 years).
The Court held devoted to the verdict, the military court in the Hall near the Beach camp
Gaza City, amid intense security reinforcements, and never showed anyone from the families of the accused.
Like the three suspects who were in the military vehicle amid tight security to the courtroom,
Individually, respectively, before a court composed of three judges, to recite the text of the provision. The accused was standing inside a cage
Railing without the presence of an audience.
The suspects wore civilian clothes, and were their face and they all with heavy beards.
And Brigadier Nasser Sulaiman, «military court field is final and does not accept the challenge
And appeal, and are enforceable after displayed on the competent authorities for ratification. According to Ashraf
Abu night «is a direct killer martyr Jurists, accused the Court of collaborating with a foreign hostile enemy
Hisham p, was convicted of collaborating with a foreign “hostile is the Zionist enemy, interference in kill scholars,
And causing the murders so much resistance.
And Abdul Allah. death by firing squad; being militarily first lieutenant in the secret service
Mahmoud Abbas, also was convicted of collaborating with the enemy «».
The Court concluded its last Thursday after he held four hearings in the case.
After listening to the verdict, the defendant Hisham, who was wearing a blue shirt and sweatpants,
Outside the courtroom: “I say to Israeli intelligence officers that resistance brigades will win and you».
He continued: «you deceived us and made us clients».
And dozens of citizens, including children, residents of the camp, in front of the courtroom when accused.
And offered the Hamas Interior Ministry last Tuesday, a video contains excerpts from confessions
The three suspects.
The first official said the Interior Ministry, major general Tawfiq Abu Naim: «three agents involved in crime.
Assassination of Jurists, confessed to receiving instructions from Israeli officers crime».
Israel has not commented on the subject. Abu Naim said: “Israel has arrested an agent of 45 during the campaign.
Security devices to hunt down killers of Jurists.
The scholars is a prisoner of the editor of the occupied West Bank, Israel expelled to Gaza have released within
The exchange took place in 2011.