The European Union giving Poland and Hungary until June to receive refugees.

لاجئون سوريون

The European Union announced Tuesday that specified a deadline for Poland and Hungary to begin their entry of migrants in Italy and Greece who redeployed or face the risk of sanctions.

Dole opposed in Eastern Europe such as Hungary and Poland EU 2015 adopted her plan to accommodate 160,000 asylum-seekers from Eritrea and Syria and Iraq stranded in Greece and Italy.

Immigration Commissioner Dimitris avramopoulos told the press “invite Poland and Hungary which ISP one person. To start it off. “

“If they are not making any move by them before the next Commission report in June/July, the UNHCR would not hesitate to use its powers stipulated by the treaties and to start opening proceedings for violating” European resolution.

Avramopoulos noted that total 18,418 seeker Italy and Greece were resettled in other countries in the European Union.

Infringement proceedings provides EU decisions that freelancing Brussels first Governments for legal clarification on some topics, before an offender is transferred to the European Court of Justice.

The EU may face eventually fail in severe financial penalties should comply with the resolutions.

And immediately the Polish Government conservative nationalist President replied beta Sejdiu saying “I’m not afraid of this resounding declarations of” host “will not accept an agreement to impose on Poland or any other country in the European Union mandatory” quotas of immigrants.

The head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker and other European officials have long expressed their frustration at the slow pace of resettlement of refugees, which aims to counter the worst resort since World War II.

Having more than a million immigrants towards the European Union in the last two years.

And refugee resettlement plan was launched to help the fleeing war in Syria and Iraq or repression in Eritrea.