ESCAPE THE POLLS If the election doesn’t go your way tomorrow, here’s how to be abroad on a sun lounger by lunchtime


Millions of voters are heading to the ballot box across the country to post their vote before 10pm.
By the time most Brits are starting to wake up tomorrow morning, the results will be in.

But what should you do if the election doesn’t go your way?

Hundredrooms has searched for the very first flights out of Heathrow Airport tomorrow morning, along with super-cheap accommodation at the destination.

If the results of the election are not to your liking, you could be on a sun lounger sipping cocktails far, far away by midday tomorrow.
At 6am tomorrow, the first flights start to leave London’s Heathrow Airport.

At that time, destinations include Lisbon, Vienna and Zurich…but getting away doesn’t come cheap.
A flight out of London Heathrow at 6am that arrives in Lisbon at 8.35am would set you back £520 when travelling with TAP Airways.

But a bed in Portugal’s capital costs as little as £15 a night when staying at a hostel in the city.
Alternatively, a trip to Vienna, arriving at 9.20am costs £258 when travelling with My Austrian, and travellers can get abed for as little as £18 a night.

Or a flight to Zurich, arriving at 8.40am would cost £279 and a hotel rooms costs from £42 a night.

Those looking to travel a bit closer to home could book a 6.20am flight to Paris, which would cost £259, or a 6.30am flight to Amsterdam would set you back £326.