Emirati ship under attack with a rocket off the coast of Yemen


For home-spa: legitimate support Alliance leadership announced Yemen ship displays Inuk exiting from port of mocha, Yemen Yemen missile attack by the houthi militia.

The coalition said in a statement: “I have migrated out of the vessel port of mocha, Yemen Yemeni homing attack by the houthi guerrillas, without causing damage to the ship,” he said, adding that the missile attack resulted in wounding one of the crew.

Coalition forces said in a statement that the process closely follow the incident and track down the perpetrators, meanwhile reiterated a warning that “the persistence of the houthi militants smuggling arms and ammunition to Yemeni territory, affecting the security of navigation in this vital part of the world.”

Legitimate support Alliance statement called on Yemen, the international community to put pressure on the houthi guerrillas ousted forces favour the application of UN Security Council resolutions 2216 to prevent such criminal practices.

It has already been carried out research “boats” attacked “Arab Coalition vessels in the territorial waters of Yemen, where an attack on Saudi frigate, late January last January, killing two crew members and injuring three others, while UAE ship was targeted early October last October.
Sourse: kolalwatn.net