On emergency tonsadaviatmadid months


Tunisian presidency announced today (Tuesday) the extension months on State of emergency which was imposed a year ago.
Half a year, following a suicide attack which killed 12 of presidential security.
The presidential official said “the President of the Republic decided after consulting the Caid Baji head
And President of the people’s Congress (Parliament), to extend the State of emergency months starting May 16 (May) 2017.
He added, that this extension «necessitated by the continued war on terror», pointing out that the security situation in the country «testifies
He states that on 24 November (November) 2015, killing 12 presidential security element and 20
In a suicide attack on their bus downtown Tunisia adopted by the Organization of ISIS.
Presidency imposed emergency impact for thirty days, then extended it several times for periods ranging
Between one and three months.
The last time a presidential State of emergency extended by three months from February 16 (February) 2017.
The attack was the third such attack since presidential security bus to adopt regulation of ISIS in Tunisia in 2015.
The emergency allows authorities to personnel and vehicle curfew and prevent labor strikes and imposing residence
And the prohibition of meetings and inspection shops and night and monitor press and publications and broadcasting
And film shows and drama, without having to obtain prior authorization from the judiciary.