Eltham Palace. Hidden gem of South London


Obviously cares about tourists Central London, for a variety of museums, replaceable meeting presentation of works of art, and parks. However there are jewels suburban less fame worth the visit; Eltham Palace, which is located in South-East London, one of those jewels, where rare entity combines the effects of the Palace, which dates back to the medieval palace of the millionaire goes back to the 1930s.
The origins of 1480 when King Edward IV built the original mansion, which successive monarchs in expanding its area later. He was a Royal Palace is a majestic 14th century until the 16th century, while the kings lived, and fishing trips in the surrounding parks. King Henry VIII, who famously married six times, lives in that mansion in his boyhood. The interesting part of «the great Hall, a large building has a wooden deck is impressive, and it was the custom to set up banquet facilities are enormous.
However at the beginning of the seventeenth century, the focus of attention away from the Palace and become the great Hall used as a barn. Luckily changed the fortunes of the Palace in the 1930s when the man took industrialist responsible for the website, after centuries of neglect, the Palace was leased to Stephen and Virginia in 1933, where the couple was looking for a property in the rustic nature, and at the same time close to the Centre of London. So was the eighth Palace is the right choice for them, and has astagrah for 99 years from the British Crown. And two architects from Chapin, Sealy webagit, designing a modern house at the site of some of the buildings of the nineteenth century, while retaining the historic Palace as possible.
Join the new House modern ideas of advanced services, such as an underground heating system, sound system, which can produce music throughout the House, and a system to get rid of dust, without using a vacuum cleaner. And restored the great Hall, an attractive modern home was built at her side, and is currently open to the public. The result was a remarkable job combines the design of the 20th century, and the medieval character of the dazzling magician.
It is now possible to visit the House and explore. As is usual for a British couple, had two bedrooms and bathrooms. He was a Virginia Golden tiles, walls that look old fashioned these days. They were wonderful, so hikers there is room in the House dedicated to plan their trips, and hanging on the wall of the large map. From basic parts in house reception room, which has a beautiful wooden walls, carpets. Stunning Hall was renovated, medieval, and used as a large room for parties and entertain guests.
The couple lived in the House during the second world war, the House was bombed several shells, it was necessary to put out the flames. Several shells hit the roof of the Hall, dating back to the middle ages, which led to a fire in a wood floor. Fortunately it was fire, but fire and destruction effects on some wood. The couple was turned during the air raids to the rooms in the basement that can be visited now.
It seems that the couple had toxic projectiles, they moved north to Scotland in 1944 which was quieter and safer. In 1951, the couple decided to move to what later became Zimbabwe, where they established there that Stephen died in 1967. The army took over the House and surrounding land and used the place as a training school until the 1990s when the property was delivered to the English Heritage body responsible for a group of historic buildings, renovating the House and surrounding area, and opened it to the public.
From Central London Palace is about 10 miles away, and is located near the main road leading to the Maidstone «any 20». The nearest train station to motinghaham station house, away from the Palace about 10 minutes walk. Usually the Palace opens to the public from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. during the summer, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the fall, but is always closed on Saturdays, and during the winter months not be open only on Sundays. There is a nice cafe on site, and attractive gardens are worth visiting. There’s a good stadium suits families with children, where they can edit their energy.

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