Egyptian police kill militant movement leadership West Cairo


The Egyptian Interior Ministry said that police killed a leading militant movement in a clash on the highway west of Cairo in the third such incident in four days.

The Ministry said in a statement posted on her on Facebook: “the police tracked down two cars which sought within the 6th of October city, the clash between the two sides, killing the leadership was driving one of the vehicles while the rest fled in another car.”

She added, was “brotherhood Abdel Moneim Mohamed Zaki Abu tabeekh, one of the leaders of the movement (resolve), and is responsible for the financial support of the Central movement, is required to catch them.”
“Resolve”, claimed responsibility for an explosion last Sunday in Cairo, killing a police officer and wounding another three constables, the movement claimed previous attacks in the capital and other cities.

The Government says: “armed arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, but the Group denies that they exercise violence.”
The Interior Ministry announced Thursday that police killed seven militants in a shootout in the desert area in the southern province of Asyut.

Egypt extended the validity of the State of emergency for another three months, which was imposed in April following two attacks on two churches in Alexandria and Tanta which left 45 dead.

Source: Reuters

Hashim al-Mosawi