The Egyptian army announced the killing of terrorists amid the Sinai

The Egyptian army, on Sunday, killing three gunmen as “very dangerous” in Central Sinai, under the continuing war between security forces and armed groups for years.

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A spokesman said the Egyptian armed forces, Colonel Tamer Rifai, in a statement posted on his page on the social networking site “Facebook”, “law enforcement forces succeeded the third army field in eliminating highly dangerous Central Sinai propitiatory 3, before carrying out hostile acts against the forces of insurance”.

The official said that “the troops managed to set another penitential, in possession of large amounts, was on her way to support terrorist elements”, stressing the continuation of the third army troops on the ground in “the break strikes of terrorist and criminal hot spots in Central Sinai to eliminate them.

Since the isolation of the former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi escalated violence against security and military and ecclesiastical sites in Sinai and several Egyptian governorates, Sinai State regulation, which swore in the Sinai Peninsula, ISIS.