Egypt.. The killing of three members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria shootout


Interior, announced on Tuesday, killing three of the armed movement “decisively” in an exchange of gunfire with police in Alexandria, northern Egypt.

Internal said in a statement that the security forces had information that a group of leaders of the movement, hiding in an apartment located in an abandoned estate salt company housing district in Alexandria.

The statement said that Egyptian police had dealt with that information in coordination with the various organs of the Ministry, to adjust those elements, indicating that if the abandoned building forces approached, armed elements fired toward it, the clashes have killed three of the militants.

She added in her interior they found weapons and ammunition in the possession of “resolved” movement.

The Ministry indicated that the woman are elements leading cadres “decisively” brotherhood, noting they played a prominent role in the planning and logistical support (different weapons – IEDs) elements of movement to implement many of the terrorist operations.

Source: day seven

Yassin Boteti