Egypt.. Death sentences against 20 suspects “kerdasa massacre”


Cairo Criminal Court held at the Institute Trustees Batra police headed by Mohamed Sherine Fahmy Monday, transmitted 20 sheets in a retrial and 136 other defendants in the case known as briefing b «kerdasa massacre», the Mufti of the Republic as a prelude to execution, and set a hearing July 2 to rule in the case.
According to Egyptian newspaper today was acting for the accused to participate in events for storming a police station kerdasa which occurred in August 2013, killing 12 officers from the power section, and their bodies were mutilated, along with two other people encounter in their place, and the attempted murder of 10 other members of the police force, damaging a building section, and burning a number of police cars and armoured vehicles, and possession of firearms and heavy machinery.
The Court of Cassation, last February, the 150 defendants appeal on a death sentence in the case.