Egypt.. Death by hanging for “wagdy ghoneim” and life of 5 charges of founding a terrorist cell.


The Cairo Criminal Court on Sunday, hanging down, and the unanimity of the members of the Court for the accused: Abdullah Hisham Mahmoud Hussein, Abdullah Eid Amar Fayad, and sentenced to death in absentia “Wajdi Ghanim, on charges of establishing and leading a terrorist cell.

The Court ruled to punish defendants: Mohamed Isamuddin, Mohamed Abdel Hamid, Ahmed Mohamed Tarek sentences, in absentia to punish Saeed Abdul Sattar, Magdi Osman Jah Messenger to life imprisonment.

According to the “seventh day” the Court ordered the Lifers fixed residence accommodation with personal investigation, prohibition of residence, frequenting the State Qatar and the Republic of Turkey and the Syrian Arab Republic, for five years as a precautionary measure, a measure which the Court indicated he applied for the first time, as each expense row committed, confiscation of a firearm and ammunition and explosives seized.