Education and Environment Forum in Jeddah to discuss green schools Guide


Opened Thursday, the second workshop entitled “towards sustainable school environment-green schools Guide” events within the education and Environment Forum, organized by the Jeddah Chamber in King Abdullah economic city in rabigh.

At the outset of the session, Dr Abdullah Ambo Saidi Sultanate Oman green schools guide presentation applied in Oman.

He said: the evidence is a road map for schools in the Gulf States, adding that its application in schools requires a manual containing clear criteria for achieving its objectives.
He added: the evidence is intended to prepare a generation unable to assume its responsibility towards the environment, and promote innovation, entrepreneurship, partnerships between public and private institutions.
Club “Ambo Saidi, in his paper, participants in the workshop to work on developing this guide through discussions and interventions, and come up with recommendations to ensure its application in schools as required.
After that, the workshop which was dedicated to discussing green schools Guide, addressed to a number of themes and subjects which sought to come up with a common vision and suggestions and visualizations to application of this guide.
The participants recommended a number of recommendations by consensus at the conclusion of the workshop.
In conclusion, the General supervisor of the Forum and UNESCO representative Maha fitaihi in Doha and the representative of the United Nations Environment Agency, who, and the representative of the Alexandria Library honors participants and support.
And thanked them; looking to meet next year to discuss what has been done in this forum and promote sustainable development and environmental concepts and their applications in schools and educational institutions.