Eastern Police seized young albetalih break out and looking for the rest.


Detect Eastern region police media spokesman Colonel Ziad alraketi were recovered from a number of youths who vandalized one of the restrooms in town-albetalet searching for the rest, said in a statement for “New York” about what happened with reference to what has been traded from the videos showing a group of young men who make a mess one Ahsa County breaks and damage their contents, despite the lack of communication of police mHasa portfolio in this regard video scenes were subjected to research and investigation by police specialists, content site is selected by the people who show that private farm in the town of albetalih was to bring its owner who lives near the town had about leased farm pool guy doesn’t know the amount of money and that he had not filed a report with the police to meet the people from damage and young were identified and adjust the number of them and bring the rest of the action, stating that the From the comments accompanying the video footage was an understatement.