East Secretariat allocates land for food and medicine in Khafji


East zone secretariat allocated a piece of land in the approved scheme (u. p. 77), the Al Khafji province Eastern region for food and drug authority in the eastern region, with a total area of 30.000 square meters.

Site allocation decision referred to complement the leadership guidance to support State ministries and ensured the Secretariat to complete all necessary procedures for issuing decisions until the establishment of buildings dedicated to those departments, and to provide and create the necessary governmental and service facilities for citizens and residents in residential areas.

She informed the concerned authority to activate the decision and address it to complete the remaining formalities, protected wells worked the soil before the license application and begin construction at the time that the Secretariat departments began their tasks to complete the necessary statutory procedures and address the notary to discharge and record its location on behalf of State property for those in the eastern region.