Dutch Intelligence saying that the world could see destroys digitally “

روب بيرتولي

Dutch Intelligence Chief warned Rob bertoli Tuesday that the world could see “a dangerous process of digital sabotage lead to disturbances and” clutter “.

Bertoli said in front of hundreds of experts and officials gathered in the framework of the Conference on cybercrime in the Hague, to sabotage the vital infrastructure “model for those things that could disqualify sleep at night.”

The warning came after an unprecedented attack targeted more than 200 thousand victims in 150 countries since at least Friday, but apparently it’s been contained.

The Dutch secret service Director said during a forum organized by the Dutch Government and two, that the threats of cyber attacks “is fictional, she stares at us.”

He said “in my opinion could be much closer than the dangerous process of digital vandalism, than many think.”

He recalled a short attack in 2012 more Saudi oil company computers, and three years later was Iraqi electricity companies piracy caused the power failure lasted for hours.

He noted that the infrastructure of the entire world are interconnected, which involves significant positives but also “citizen fragility.”

“Imagine what would happen if the entire banking system is corrupt for a day or two days or a week. Or if a malfunction occurs in our network to transport or if air observers to electronic attacks while instructing them to airline regulations. The consequences could be disastrous. “

“Sabotage one of these sectors can have systemic consequences and causes disturbances, chaos and order.

And about the threat of “terrorism” by Islamic State or rule, it remains limited, bertoli said, but “the terror inspired by terrorists remains a priority” in the Dutch secret services.

“The level of technical expertise you can get armed group remains insufficient to cause significant damage or physical damage through sabotage my number.”

He stressed “may lack the capacity but don’t lack surely the intention.”

He added that the United States should prepare about future threats in cyberspace to be cooperating Governments and the private sector, given that this is the “greatest vulnerability lies in our communities.”