Dubai World’s first error and development adopted by correspondence


Release  Sheikh bin Rashid Al Maktoum,  Chairman of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai, Dubai line “#” as the first line in the world is being developed by the city and carries her name, in cooperation with the company # Microsoft, in line with State policy # UAE major in innovation at regional and global levels, and to support efforts to strengthen the role of the Emirate and confirm its excellence in the digital world. “
On this occasion, the Crown Prince of Dubai Emirate government agencies to adopt the line in correspondence, Sheikh said: “the firing line of Dubai to the world is an important step in our continuing efforts to consolidate Dubai’s position in the digital world, and highlight the distinct personality associated with the concepts of creativity and innovation in various fields and this new accomplishment in its line of special specification granted exclusivity in digital lines used globally.”
Sheikh Hamdan praised Bin Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum that Dubai line “reflects a set of values that has always characterized the UAE and are seen and their approach to happiness and tender foot and modernity and tolerance in addition to encourage creativity and innovation, proud cultural heritage and conviviality and constructive cooperation with all other peoples, while the new line came in the form of combining tradition past and future aspirations.”
He said: “us government agencies in the Emirate of Dubai in line start using official government correspondence as a new turning point in enhancing competitiveness in the digital world, and to have it as a government commitment ensures the success of this initiative and published locally and internationally.”
He praised Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum on the attention to detail that distinguishes Dubai line from other fonts used in the world, and accurately design and originality which combines originality of past and future aspirations, and gives everyone the right to express, in the world of our endeavour to be more tolerant.
He said: “I followed all the stages of development of this line, since the beginning of the initial sketches for design right down to the final stages of implementation, and congratulate the staff and everyone who contributed to the success of this innovative initiative.
Having developed the “line” with the highest technical standards used in this area, and is the first line in all apps and Microsoft solutions are being developed by the city and carries her name, since Dubai is not just a way to write, but it is a tool for communication that allows individuals around the world to express themselves and their opinions and feelings.
Samer Abu said Latif, head of the Middle East and Africa at Microsoft: “in line with Dubai towards new innovation in design and technology on a global scale, stress from this rostrum that line Dubai represents a powerful spurt towards the doomed city leading place in the world, where the name” Dubai “line is available worldwide and more than 100 million users around the world through applications of Office 365, is launching this line is a perfect example of cooperation between Dubai and Microsoft to promote The spirit of innovation and advancing the development and evolution of communities, and strengthens the role of Microsoft towards enabling Dubai achieve its vision of issued to all areas around the world by promoting joint action and complementarity and coherence between the Government and private sectors down Dubai World “manner.
It is said that “Dubai” line designed by Dr Nadine Chahine in cooperation with a global team of specialist company “monotaib”, is a sophisticated line with unique features designed to encourage reading and self-expression where it was creating elaborately Dubai to bridge the gap that often hinder complete harmony between Arabic and Latin texts to digital lines consistent check smooth integration between these characters and written forms in different languages used.