Dr small receptacles: maximum do not absorb the language of the Koran


Describing Dr Hussein Al Adhami “specialized in translation and a good University Professor” great little receptacle which languages could not contain the eloquence of Quran which is the secret of beauty and miraculous nature, doubting the role of existing translations today in European guidance being no longer copies, Quranic discourse is very sensitive and translation theories do not give convincing solutions for purposes of text, it came during his lecture: “translating the Qur’an between theory and practice” speech at the literary club in Medina.

He said: existing translations are not all wrong message up to the reader, it is helpful if the compiler finds pattern of stylistic and semantic craft to make stylistic and linguistic usages harmonizes text until text recipients ‘ cultural ‘ French-German, English reader. “, adopted methods: deletion, addition, adaptation strategy.

Maximum entry attributed to Europeans in Islam to Hidayat Allah almighty first, and the modern polemics and persuasion by some Muslims, “translation — in my opinion — not a big role in Islam, and had only one condition for sounder European after reading a written translation.

The lecturer drew to greatness and beauty book Allah almighty and beauties of a particular language is “indecent language” is not pronounced sexual words or not receptive but one calling her “guys come into contact with women”, “has anyone of you came from faeces”, noting that the Quranic rhetoric based on: the scientific evidence is left to the listener an inference “said Jesus I have born and haven’t been touched preached also said Allah creates what he wills.” , The language mechanism, type thnx: “carefree, AC, is evil.

Addressing Dr Quranic rhetoric sentences maximum and prepared by European languages cons look like reflecting stylistic wrong grammatically in European reader while carrying the advantages of Streptococcus and aesthetic, psychological and deliberative body in our language, as well as redundancy, which suggests to them that the instability of the text, either in the Koran comes for an assertion “nor a bird that flies with its wings only UM Allah”, noting that linguistic tissue is the basis of logical sequence, defined by the set of concepts : Literal translation symmetry, normalization and localization, walaklab and cultural replacement normalization, stressing that Europeans hate word “miracles”, and their language denying an assertion and highlighting the purposes and don’t taste it “they say with their tongues what is not in their hearts.”