Dr Mufti: no clues about existence of volcanic activity in Herat city.


Dr said Mohamed Rashad Mufti, Professor of Earth science, King Abdulaziz University said the situation in Herat Medina reassuringly, indicators are not recorded on a current volcanic activity during its review, the results of the study made by King Abdulaziz University which lasted three years, within the good University workshop titled (Philippines and volcanic hazards in Medina)

To attend University Director Dr Abdul Aziz alsrani, King Abdulaziz University, Dr Abdul Rahman Jubilee.

Mufti talked about future volcanic activity prediction and precautions required to cope with any changes that may occur-Allah forbid-and the possibility of free tourist city by creating volcanic Park in the free city’s volcanic Museum, in addition to the possibility of protecting aldaithh volcanoes and tourist investment.

Recommendations concluded the importance of control of the region in terms of seismic activity seismic studies while continuing to improve the current findings add new data and expand study area, clear giovziaaei using methods (ground conductor and eddy currents) about the historic volcano bemsavat shorter, and extend the study area towards the North and West, and integrate the results of cooperation of Saudi geological survey with the U.S. Geological Survey.

Dr alsrani said that the workshop is an extension of scientific communication between a good University and universities in the Kingdom, adding that rapid progress on all levels need to achieve developmental goals, social responsibility and provide the best service at all levels.

Dr said that alslazalih events that happened years ago at University, called EES County conducted a study in collaboration with a team from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, with the objective of identifying the most important volcanic formation way Philippines attractions result of historic volcanic eruptions in the area, so as to understand the nature of these volcanic eruptions and periods and was distributed.