Dr Arif favors village and nomadic single interface resets


Rewrote known critic Dr Yusuf Al Arif “village” to the fore again in his approach to modernist poetry Saudi cash, clear bias as “base ingredient, source, lost”, stand for a variety of concepts such as poems and poetic mating breeding and individual employment, nomadic and rural character that features the village hide behind the lines and words at “names, names, places, social customs and traditions, and proverbs, it came in a lecture entitled:” text in modern Saudi poetry village “in the literary club in Medina yesterday.

Said Dr Aref: when the abandonment of many poets villages hit cities and polluted it replaced the concept of the village as a world haunted by loneliness and retro and turned it into an organism become pedestrian Center margin “features, spaces, traditions, dialects across creative poetic language does not recognize reality and does not move as it is, pointing out that the presence of the village was evident in the texts of the benign Saad, Hussein Mohamed alsikhan, Abdallah laroui, war reparations, Mohamed Salem Alkhshrmi, Abdulla, Ahmed Dewe Uche, and others.

Scholar reviewed individual employment in popular texts as when Abdullah alsikhan on the score of “premonitions in weather home”:

Coffee time, and horses neigh marked from walmhamis on the face.

Arabic tent.

Partnership in the sand in mind, how almtarish that they camped

To commute travel vacation ship?

And how is the land before the rain?!

As well as in the poem “Silver learn drawing, which make them the meaning and symbol suggestively not only the name Nomad but hired her to be the symbol of Arab nation that has lost its past beauty, discovering that” Silver “sister” Khadijah “when the poet Mohamed Gabr and that will make the next glory, highlighting the pride of Salem village in his poem (taghribat convoys), and crying: Ahmad UDI” under the tent “tribe, Abdullah alkhshrmi on the reality of his village that her mother icon Baha demaini affected villages, and padding his poems in popular vocabulary.