What the door that the Prophet Muhammad entered him on the conquest of Mecca name?


The conquest of Mecca of the greatest events in the history of the Prophet ‘s biography on the level of the Arabian Peninsula. In which he said # Alrcol_alkarim “income # Almsadjad_aharam is safe and the house of Abu Sufyan is safe, and it closed the door is safe,” but where the Holy Prophet Muhammad entered the day of the conquest of Mecca #?
Said Assistant Professor , Department of History at Umm Al Qura University in Makkah , Dr. # Khald_bn_abdallah_al_zad for “Net”: “When the Prophet came to the well of his army rolled section entered Mecca from the top of the # Tnah_kda (Pilgrimage) humble Mtzlla joy after he came out of them on migration the bottom Mstdafa afraid awaits. then entered the Grand mosque of the “door to peace” and surrendered Quraish converted to Islam. ”
He added , “Sharif” to # Khald_bn_aloulid entered from the bottom of idolatry (Kada), a painter who proceeds today entered into a new expansion of the campus.
Pagan Kda also known as a flap cemetery relative to the Amuallap cemetery or pagan Makhr ratio Alizkr plant. The lower tuck both Kda (joinder) or Kada – without tightening up – it tucks that fought its part , Khalid bin Walid polytheists, and perhaps hot reticle came to naming the two armies clash then.
It is a pagan KDE (joinder and tighten up) leading to Yemen through Mount Thor and also feelings, they are considered at the bottom of Mecca today paved the way from Misfalah leads to the positions of KDE.
Khalid bin Walid was a murderer from the side of some Quraish infidels who confronted him Vhzmanm. The witness that the Prophet here has decided to # Vth_mkh be peace and security before they enter, God Venzareth, open , and pardoned more people.