Doha, rebel on the patience of the Bay area’s tampering policy


Gulf States will apparently < exceeding the abusive towards her country statements crisis this time, after the Gulf crisis-interface in March (March) 2014, announced by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain pulled their ambassadors from Doha. States the time that Qatar didn’t «abide by principles that ensure non-interference in the internal affairs of any of the GCC States, directly or indirectly, not to support everyone working on the threat to the security and stability of the GCC States from organizations or individuals, whether through direct security work or by trying to influence political and media does not support antisocial».
She invited Gulf countries Doha then quickly take immediate steps “to respond to what has already been agreed, to protect the GCC March than any cracked», comes the core difference in supporting and financing militant groups in the region, Doha and use media means to attack the Gulf and Arab interests.
And led the then Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah brokered with Riyadh, and lasted for about eight months, after which leaders met in Riyadh and acknowledged the return of ambassadors, said the statement was declared «Qatar’s commitment to implement the terms of the Riyadh Agreement», which puts the lines and to end the dispute with the Gulf States, and invited the top then need to open a new chapter in the Gulf.
After the last Sheikh Tamim’s remarks Thursday, Iran’s President congratulated on his victory in the presidential elections for the second time, the issue of withdrawal of ambassadors for the interface again, after more than two years of patience on country policy Gulf region.
Doha and close ties with armed groups and militant inside Syria and Iraq with the terrorist, Allah party last month succeeded in releasing country fishermen kidnapped for more than a year in Iraq, after the release of the Syrian prisoners and Iraqi armed groups inside Syria. Affirmed then Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi country funds seized in Baghdad airport would not go to the kidnappers, saying that giving hundreds of millions of dollars to militant contacts «unacceptable». Abadi said at a press conference in this regard: «we are curious about the existence of big bags of money with the next country delegation to Baghdad, was seized, since they entered without legal contexts will consent, you won’t go to the kidnappers.