Doha incubator «terrorism» source «chaos» in Arabic countries

< This wasn’t the first time where the Saudi government crackdown and crucial for the relationship with the Government, but the final decision was expected to be the strongest and most influential and decisive, but returns to the tenure of the current Qatar Emir Hamad’s father takes over coup on his father, who was out of the country, to start a series of successive statements that talked about the pilgrimage and others, come point Nemesis is Qatar’s support for terrorist organizations, chiefly the houthis in Yemen.
Despite the size of Qatar, normal location on the map of the Gulf States, but they were involved in all events, always to be named in advance of everything, with a distinct lack of policy, in addition to claiming as carriers of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people’s right to liberate, Qatar opened settlement named gift to Israelis.
The statement showed that the Kingdom «since 1995 made Kingdom and her strenuous and continuing to urge the authorities in Doha to abide by its commitments, adhere to agreements», in reference to the year when Sheikh Hamad took power, however, the statement explained that “the authorities in Doha has been reneging on their international obligations, and breach of agreements signed under the umbrella of the Gulf Cooperation Council, to stop hostilities against Saudi Arabia, and stand against terrorist groups and activities, the latest non-implementation of the Riyadh Agreement».
Much of the book that one of the most important factors that contributed to install enter Doha Arab level, autumn Island channels that were clearly incubator of extremist groups and a real advocate for them like the brotherhood, who found this outlet channel and platform talking and quite freely, and her heart for facts and inflame people and spreading lies, without any voice in Doha prevent such channels that have negatively affected the Arab community.

Varied Gulf Qatar were differences mostly party, however, recent decisions over withdrawal of ambassadors and embassies closed and accept consultations and mediations, to reach a more decisive and influential decisions, starting with the closure of land, sea and air ports and prevent passage in the territory, airspace and territorial waters, and Saudi Arabia to «national security», what shows the negative impact of Qatar and continuous interference and support schemes affecting public security.

And the history of broken promises and agreements of Qatar since 1995, is the date of receipt of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Doha, however, power continued on technicalities and not paying attention to the damage that was caused, through direct intervention in the internal affairs of Gulf Arabic States, down to hug her for a series of channels that incite and hostilities are obvious. The year 2014 end pull ambassadors from Qatar after the Riyadh Agreement, notes of recent actions that solution too far under the overruling previous agreements Doha, sticking to proceed to interfere in the internal affairs of Gulf House, despite firmness in implementing formal procedures to sever diplomatic relations with Doha, but Saudi Arabia country people excluded from the consequences of this crisis, said through a statement that they will support country people “, although the Government’s aggressive practices».
Al-Jazeera played an important role in fuelling controversy Gulf country by adopting smear campaigns and fraud involving almost inside the Gulf countries cautioned against continuing this channel and other expected results of intensive programmes ancestral figures, including a talk show aired by the channel in 2002, when vandals Niles and personal exposure, founder of the Kingdom, King Abdul Aziz Al Saud, to drag a valid Ambassador program ends altaimi from Doha without ads. Doha has played for many years the incubator project extensibility brotherhood in the region and are seeking to achieve this project, especially with the arrival of the justice and development party in Turkey to helm, widening the influence of this community in Jordan and Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt in Doha was her chief supporter and morally and materially. Qatar has not hesitated to declare outright and public Alliance with Iran, which it considers the most Gulf hostile and adversarial, and that several observers announcement that open defiance and Gulf will clear, especially that there are States adversely affected by the repeated Iranian interference in her procedure, and this can be the straw that broke the back of relations as they were.
Doha has openly embraced one of the most prominent Muslim Brotherhood leadership theorist President, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi who publish thought Brotherhood of Qatar, Qaradawi voice rose made from Al Jazeera always platform, while the brotherhood took power in Egypt, and began theorizing that they «JI desired moderation», stressing that «draft Hassan al Banna is Sunni project needs to activate». French authorities prevented Qaradawi from entering their territory, while President Sarkozy in 2012 prevented him from entering the town, commenting that “a person is not welcome in France, when he was talking about radical Islamists, and playing on the strings of successive opinions Qaradawi made a mess in several Arab countries, including wastage of Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi’s blood, and his opinion of the stoning of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas if its involvement in the Gaza war, to meet his big picture comment in the West and shaking in letter to contradictions.
Qaradawi appeared for years as the representative of Qatar in his opinions and rulings, and Pat his involvement evident through Doha mosque or satellite channels and try more than once to emphasize that what happened in Egypt is not a popular public affair it is a coup, to keep the word «solsticial» in the description of Egyptian authority, attempting to fuel Qatar repeated Egyptian Street.
Source: Alhayat