DIRTY WEEKEND Paris, Rio, London and LA are the best cities to visit for a holiday sh*g


IF you’re hoping to get lucky on holiday this summer, it’s worth picking your destination carefully.

A new study has revealed the best city break vacations to get laid on, and Paris, London, Rio and LA are top of the list.
In the new study, the people at Lazeeva wanted to look into how sex is viewed differently around the world and which cities are most sexually liberated.

They began by researching ten factors over 200 cities from around the world, before creating a final list of 100 where the full data was available.

Factors included the libido of citizens in a city and their porn consumption, but also the adult entertainment and swingers culture on offer.

Each city was also rated on how good access the access was to modern contraception, whether there was a positive attitude to the LGBT community and equal rights for everyone.

Cities were given a score for each , which all counted towards the eventual ranking.

Paris came first in ranking of the most sexual cities, followed by Rio de Janeiro and London.
Paris scored exceptionally well for its swinger culture and adult entertainment, whereas Rio outperformed all the other cities in the sexually experimental and sexually active categories.

Meanwhile, London ranked as the best city for LGBT friendliness worldwide.

Sourse: thesun.co.uk