Director of education Leith inaugurates program «gently» to reduce violence in schools


Leith County Director of education opened the Gallery of the Ministerial program to reduce violence in schools (gently) and the guidance and counselling Division (girls) with the participation of a group of conservative schools middle school and secondary headquarters digger for girls, in the presence of Sheikh alsamdani Sheikh alsamdan tribe strange status backhoe, and educational Media Manager Mohamed Bin khatim Al-Maliki, supervisor of planning and development Ahmed Bin Mohamed Al hatmi, pioneer student activity alsamdani Nayef Mubarak school, number of guests, parents, and upon arrival (g) he and his entourage toured the exhibition at the corners, which included A lot of products in schools varied between expressive paintings and statues and research, business, graphics and video.

Shareef said in a statement on that occasion tap program is designed to build a balanced integrated normal personal student to serve religion, society and country, and reduce the problem of violence in schools and to clarify the appropriate preventive and curative methods at all levels of school workers, students and their parents of their application in order to achieve a safe school environment, and emphasize what Islamic teachings to improve dealing with others well, tolerance, compassion and forgiveness, and enlighten students and school staff and parents the concept of violence against women, its causes and its various forms, And giving students personal and social skills to reduce all forms of school violence.

Shareef commended the level of posts as expressed his thanks and appreciation to all entrepreneurs show dates and help for educational affairs (girls) Professor Mohamed Shareef girl gift, and supervisors for guidance and counselling Department and participating schools, and expressed his thanks and appreciation to the leader of a middle school and high school girls Digger Professor Fatima alsamdani, which organized and hosted the program.

By another, the head of Department of guidance and counseling (girls) alznbhai invalid girl, Rukia designed Gallery and Forum program (tap) to reduce violence in schools, to highlight the efforts and work of schools and how to program, while also sharing experiences and stories, and learn about methods and ways and mechanisms by schools activation program to the students, and measure the impact of the program on the students and parents of the Alamo, as business and shares are displayed in easy contest after evaluation and identify winners in students Contest at the management level and include, as was announced this year on easy contest for moms by coordinated supervisory program to increase productive and constructive interaction and communication between the school and the family, culture and objectives of the programme and how to apply it by the family, mothers will be honored at the ceremony, winners and accompanying the exhibition a tribute to all schools and guides, and corners.