Dialog consolidates coexistence and corrects the distorted image of Muslims


Launched today the Arab media forum in Dubai sixteenth session under the theme of “dialogue among civilizations”, under the auspices of his Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, in the presence of your Highnesses the Senate and happiness and a number of thinkers and intellectuals invited journalists and media professionals from inside and outside the UAE. She said the Dubai Press Club President Mona Al MARRI, “today brings us one goal a clear perceptions of the roles of the media during the next phase”, adding that the UAE had chosen to be her message to the world a message of peace and cooperation on the basis of mutual understanding and coexistence. Pointed Arabic League Secretary General Ahmed Abul Gheit that phase is the Arab world is extremely difficult and the need for concerted efforts and not allow interference by foreign countries in the region, especially Iran, stressing that the University is able to serve the nation if they offered the nation a chance to work, so we have to make up and speak up.

He stressed the need to establish a unified Arab military mechanism to meet those challenges, warning of a loss of identity Arabic because if we lost in wars for 100 years to come. In turn, counting the Turkish media intruder Arabic channel, General Manager of social media is often used to spread fundamentalist extremism and sectarianism. It was way more media can support speech and culture of dialogue, so that investment in education and training information resources of the most important means to achieve the objectives that we seek in our search for dialogue.

While academic and writer Dr Sultan Al Nuaimi, the responsibility of speech and language in cultural dialogue.

He continued: we have to be more aware and conscious use of language, and not repeat the vocabulary used by others, particularly those with negative connotations of cultural dialogue. Dr drew naimi important vocabulary that stresses tolerance and peaceful coexistence and therefore access to the track to cultural dialogue, the UAE and the rest of the GCC. The discussions addressed the Forum on perceptions of the expected role of the media during the next phase, especially in the correction of the distorted image associated with the Muslim Arab in the minds of many around the world, in the shadow of the problems associated with conflicts that dominate different parts of the Arab world, exacerbate threats surrounding the foremost threat of terrorism which has become a threat to all countries in the world, and what the current status of the need to develop socially conscious media discourse capable of contributing to the trapping phenomenon reinforces the dialogue Foundation Coexistence and educates youth in the region and the world knows the values of our religion calling for tolerance and peace among people.