Diagonal delegation in Baghdad to negotiate with kidnappers. And beyond the billion dollar ransom.


One negotiator kidnapped Iraq country profile, the presence of a delegation in Baghdad to negotiate on the issue.
He said Tuesday that Iraqi and Syrian tracks “in the subject, as a single file, in confirmation of reports about the deal to Iranian fighters and elements of the” party of Allah “in Syria, captured by militant groups captured Syria, in Exchange for the release of kidnapped Qataris.
Negotiator confirmed that “negotiations with the country side going on parallel lines, formally and informally, one Government, and secondly those who carried out this kidnapping,” he calls it.
And, according to the London newspaper, he explained that the negotiations “had reached” without specific solutions that go into details because “media statements in this placement process solution”, he said, but he predicted that “the negotiations reach a formula of understanding within the next 48 hours.”
For his part, another source close to the file-thanks to the anonymity-“a country delegation to negotiate kidnapped file in the guest house in the Iraqi Cabinet.

“The country side was adamant from the beginning untie abductors political side, or what happens in Syria, and later insisted that his inability to intervene with Jan Allah party elements output” existing “Lebanese, that it is almost a while ago, but the recent explosion in alvoaa walkfria maybe the country” paid to bow and think of the Syrian track, and taking into account negotiations with the Iranians to put pressure on the militia launched an operation Kidnapping. “
The source pointed out that it’s not as if the country official Iraqi prisons, but with whom you delivered (rejected name), and the Iraqi Government’s role is limited to hosting, and assemble the parties negotiate.
The source said the amount paid by the country side exceeded one billion dollars, “adding,” it was before paying $350 million dollars in Iraq, like in Lebanon. “

He stressed that a senior Iraqi intelligence official advised the abductors early request “600 million dollars to learn country NOC, and required to obtain a large share of them, hook it up to the Supreme Government was sacked.
The use of country side confirmed an American company to enter on line negotiating the kidnappers, they got about 200 million us dollars.