Develop internal parking 5 Mecca for Ramadan


Each home-spa (Makkah): introduced General Directorate of traffic during this year’s Ramadan season five indoor parking 1438 Mecca to meet the expected increase in the number of vehicles entering Mecca during the holy month.

OC power reserve cars and bus traffic Brigadier Mohamed Bin Suleiman Luhaidan that 2500 provided buses to transport visitors and pilgrims from positions to the Masjid Al-Haram and vice versa, drawing attention to the internal and external situations to Mecca was tapped this year, up from last year (35%) Vehicles, and “600” a vehicle and transport 10 million Chapel and vowed to the sanctuary of the internal and external positions and back, noting that traffic going to praise Allah with full flow and no traffic jams, remarkable given that up, monitoring controls the movement and close some hubs so worshippers out smoothly from campus area to what they want, and then return to normal movement , Indicating that it does not take up at its peak “38” min.