Detect map «Island» recruitment of “terrorism” and hit the Gulf and Arab national security

< On 23 May (May) 2017, the four largest us research centres organized a Conference in Washington sponsored by the Organization for the defense of democracy», «Qatar and brotherhood.
Int reviewed Dr David Weinberg, finer Conference reports on Qatar’s support for terrorism by Weinberg in 2014, and the second in 2017, these combined the names of many Qataris wanted for financing and supporting terrorist groups throughout the world and the region, including: President of the country’s former football association accused President Abdul Rahman Al-omair, Al-Qaeda financing in the region for 10 years at $2 million per month, and the former Director of the Central Bank of Qatar Khalifa Al subeaei financier Chairman for several years, Jan and adored the precious gift Arrested in Lebanon in 2012 for funding nusra, a cousin of the former Foreign Minister of Qatar, and brother of the current Qatar Emir Hamad Al-Attiyah Adviser.
Al Jazeera Office Manager says former Chippendale in Cairo Mohamed Fahmi, that «when Attiyah was captured Government pressed Lebanon to Beirut, and threatened her with the externalization and expelling Lebanese employment of Qatar if undelivered, Lebanon handed over to Doha and sentenced in absentia to seven years in prison, remains free in Qatar is walsbiai walamer, and still have their full freedom in Qatar, tweeting their own pages on social networking sites although there are provisions unambiguous support terrorism, plus. Saad Mohamed Kaabi accused financing nusra in Syria.
During the Conference, confirmed that Qatar tried all means to cancel the Conference and did not succeed in that, and threatened-by my understanding-some researchers not to come, pointing out that former us Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, us intelligence work man 26 years his «Qatar continued to support terrorism was unacceptable, and he demanded the US Government move base out of Qatar, he asked more than once that country’s Government to stop Al Jazeera and not open the screen in front of the terrorists. Fahmy in connection of «life» today (Monday) that occur during the Conference Ed Royce, and Royce’s importance to the Congress Foreign Committee Chairman, as revealed to Congress offering to many American administrations since 2013 seven letters demanding that Washington intervene to stop financing firm Qatar for terrorism and nothing happened. He noted that he had a tv interview with Ambassador Dennis Ross, national security adviser to Reagan and Bush and Obama, he demanded during the dialogue move us from Qatar to the UAE, in Abu Dhabi because he sees a strategic ally is fighting terrorism, Ross said that “Qatar using us license to do as they please, and if America spend vast sums to fight terrorism it is best to transfer the rule even if it cost a fortune, as they will benefit from it strategically for the long term.

Qatar and financing
In Libya
Detect Al-Jazeera Bureau Chief in Cairo, Mohamed Fahmi, former English that «Hakim belhadj met in Libya and Mehdi alharavi».
He added that «touching Qatar finance for dawn Libya led by Bel, some universities still operating on the border of Egypt until now, threatening the Egyptian army in the Sinai.
He pointed out that “what is happening now is that these groups are led by belhadj who also became responsible for the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, is exploiting the country support in establishing camps to receive items from the Ansar House Bible from within Egypt for training, then by sea move these items to El Arish for Egyptian army fighter, to add support for Qatar, it seems clear in any millat former us Secretary Hillary Clinton, revealed one of the Qatar funded organization ISIS and other radical groups And must be addressed.

Source: Alhayat