Destroy a military convoy and killed 93 coup leaders and elements in Taiz


Judging the Arab Alliance and the national army grip on Khalid Bin Al Waleed camp in preparation for storming after clearing spaces adjacent to the camp of mines planted by militias in large quantities for impeding storm coalition and the national army.
In the meantime the national army took control of the almghibr Valley in the southwest of the Distributor and became just one mile from the Centre which borders Directorate zaubab overlooking the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb. As the Arab Alliance fighters launched air strikes targeted huthi’s militia positions and fortifications and deposed the camp junction mocha, Yemen, Western civilization
Airline sources said the Arab Coalition bombed column of reinforcements destined distributor sources 5 military armoured truck crews and carrying my gun cart 10 three simultaneous raids were blown up in the aldoihah area.
Meanwhile, in the same context the Director of Taiz province military operations Colonel Abdul Aziz lecturer that important edit Khalid Bin Waleed camp which is 35 Brigade command in a major blow to represent mukha junction putschistes large breakdown represents moral constraints and evicted from his fortified camp.
He said Colonel Khaled camp liberalization lecturer will lock the iron-bound troops and driven safely on the coastline and to control the camp junction mukha means cutting lines of communication and supply line link between taez and separate militias in alberh on that reside in Al-Hameli, pioneer and peach.
Lecturer and student need to move walkdhah and wazi’iyah district mkbenh donkeys fronts which must apply llaltmam with troops that liberated the camp junction Khalid considering withdrawal of militias in the direction alkdhah and mount Habashi is unsuccessful battles aimed to cut lines that are moving to the city of Taiz to morale collapsed militia.
This field has stressed that source revealed over the past week thirteen of the most prominent militia leaders were killed in the fighting on the Western axis of Taiz governorate plus more than 80 militia were killed in the past two days.
And achieve the national army and coalition ground forces through aviation and Navy underpinned much progress so do wrap successful tactical operations on militias disconcerted Distributor as wind gusts and Camp Khaled walwazaih.