Der Spiegel: German intelligence spied on Interpol.

Reuters German news magazine Der Spiegel said the German Foreign Intelligence Agency (me.), spied on Interpol for years and the FAO Liaison offices in dozens of countries such as Austria, Greece and the United States could not immediately obtain comment from German intelligence or Interpol or Europol. der Spiegel reported that it had examined the documents according to the German Foreign Intelligence Agency put the email addresses and phone numbers and faxes international police investigators on their oversight Division list, adding that the intelligence watch organization Europol, based in the Hague, the magazine said in February February, foreign intelligence services spied on telephones, faxes and email to several media organizations including the New York Times and Reuters and became a foreign intelligence agency activities replaced the proofing, condensed during a parliamentary inquiry into allegations that the NSA broad surveillance operations outside the United States included a mobile control are using legal counselGerman trade Angela Merkel described Konstantin von notz, a member of Parliament from the Green party participated in the inquiry, the last report on foreign intelligence as “scandalous and incomprehensible.” he said in a statement: “we now know that the parliaments and a number of companies and even journalists and publishers have been targeted as well as allies.” He added that recent reports showing how ineffective parliamentary controls despite a new law aimed at reforming the foreign intelligence agency. “this represents a threat to the rule of law (in our country).