Deputy Education Minister inaugurates review national identity documents and materials standards


Sponsored by Deputy Education Minister opened the Education Minister Dr Abdul Rahman ASML, a workshop reviewing documents and national identity materials standards carried out by the National Agency for education on Thursday by the Ministry of education.

Said Dr Paul, in his speech on behalf of the Minister of education: “I am happy to be on behalf of the Minister involved in the opening of this professional workshop are extremely important, and thank my colleagues headed under private education and his colleagues on the quickening seen in developing, organizing and improving education in Saudi Arabia, cooperation with our partners in the field to have a great impact in achieving accelerated and bold in regulating private education both public and private.”

Paul said: “fully aware that the Ministry draws to expand in the world is the result of increased demand for this type of education by parents and society, also comes from faith Ministry diversity education opportunities and that there is more than one path for these tracks, and today we have more than 2000 schools offer international programs, and perhaps the number of students exceeded 350 thousand students, which is a lot worth of Ministry and education and angel investors and specialists great effort to promote this type of education, And this comes from a faith Ministry need to allow for the participation of the private sector to expand in this type of education to be a key partner of the Ministry and the Government at the opening of many of these schools.

And ASML, that most of all be careful and strive to improve this kind of education, perhaps a component of national identity in the UK is extremely important both in cognitive side or on the level of skill or side values, national identity is an essential component in the formation of the student’s personality, no doubt the Kingdom of Islam and an airstrip revelation, it is very important that such decisions exist and are in accordance with the standards and principles and guidelines consistent with the nature of the stage, and the nature of the class and the student and the student’s realities Kingdom, whether students are Saudis or Arab or Muslim brothers or others, and that this workshop came to establish and consolidate national identity component in international schools where the Ministry noted there are different interpretations vary between schools, and these vary between successful and unsuccessful jurisprudence or enough or medium or low, and this saw the Ministry is represented in the national education agency organizing it and making it scientific principles are used in building construction and curriculum content and the associated activities and techniques and a calendar, looking forward Out the recommendations applicable fast process and draw a roadmap for decisions in different rows and specify all the associated hours and accompanying activities and sequence of the components of these decisions on foreign education.

ASML concluded: “I am certain that such methods involve all sectors in such dialogues and meetings with the permission of Allah would produce a common vision to serve educational and our students.”