Democratic Syria forces attack “to expel the” aldwaash “of a strategic district in tenderness


“Syria’s forces launched a counterattack against” democracy “ISIS” to restore lost important neighborhood in the eastern city of tenderness to the jihadists, Syrian opposition activists said Saturday.

AFP quoted “activists” Syria democracy “(” under “Arab and Kurdish factions Alliance) regained some 30 percent of industry neighborhood after Friday evening launched a counterattack to regain it.”

They added that the clashes and raids the International Alliance (led by Washington) continues in the industry and other fronts in the district town, which is highlighted in the stronghold of Syria.
The lost “ISIS” neighborhood industry in 12 June, six days after the entry “under” city of tenderness with the support of the international coalition. The neighborhood derives its strategic importance of being in contact with the ancient city where militants are holed up by the terrorist organization. But the “aldwaash” have regained control Friday, after launching an attack against Syrian positions “elite” Washington-backed Arab fighters fighting in coordination with the “under.”

The source said “elite” to “told AFP that” the attack was deadliest for “ISIS” who used car bombs and suicide bombers and drones to drop bombs.

And control of regulation on industry neighborhood after cutting “under” most his port of tenderness after control over all villages south of the Euphrates River.

Paddled “under”, since 6 June, fierce battles inside tenderness with the support of the international coalition after months of launching its military campaign, which drove the Organization of large areas.

And with her loss industry neighborhood, “under” now control three districts in full is almishleb from the East and Roman walsbahet from the West. It also controls the parts of other neighborhoods including the Hatteen, Al-Qadisiya (West) and mail (Northwest), webtani (East).

Democratic Syria forces seeking to isolate the city center and narrowing in on elements of “ISIS”.

And is the most populated downtown neighbourhoods, what complicates military operations, especially the “ISIS” intentionally using civilians as “human shields”, according to the testimony of persons escaped from his control.

The United Nations expressed concern Wednesday about the fate of 100 thousand civilians trapped in tenderness.

Source: AP

Untung Yusuf