The deaths of 15 terrorists in a military operation in Mosul


An Iraqi Security Chief said Saturday that the federal police forces penetrated a distance of 500 metres at the Centre of the old age under the military operation launched Thursday against ISIS to edit areas Northwest of Mosul, 400 km north of Baghdad.

The team said a leading pillar of the Federal Police Commander Jawdat Shaker, in a press release, that “rapid reaction forces in the federal police and the band mechanism is moved 500 meters in the old age the Mosul Northwest axis, and dozens of civilians ran buildings after their liberation from ISIS in engagement zones”.

He added that Iraqi forces killed 15 terrorists and destroy eight mined mechanisms. “

And federal police forces and the Iraqi military Thursday open a new fighting front to expel ISIS planning regions of Northwestern Mosul and recorded progress over the last two days and still ongoing process.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry Saturday organized a marathon “symbolic” central Baghdad aims to promote peace in the war-torn country to defy the message is “terrorism” by those who support it.

The Foreign Ministry and ambassadors attended a large number of employees in addition to a limited number of representatives of foreign missions in this race which was surrounded by tight security by deploying troops along the five kilometre race distance.

He said dry Asia Chief proof Australia in the Iraqi Foreign Ministry told AFP that “the goal of establishing this marathon is solidarity with our security forces working to protect and comfort the Iraqi citizen.”

“We wanted through the marathon sports non-political overtones, to deliver to the world a message reflect Iraq and Iraqis sought to foster a spirit of peace and tolerance.”

And zap the marathon of Jadiriyah via ABI famous alno’as in the heart of the capital down to hotel Babylon, back and forth.